We would like to thank everyone who has made the Willo Enduro possible.
Thanks go firstly to Leanne and John Henderson, from Canberra, who in the first few months after James died, made this event possible. Their energy and commitment carried us along at times when we felt deflated. It would not have happened without them:

James Williamson

  • To Steve Evans, Brendan Denn, John van den Ham, and Chad Balding whose experience in MTB racing and knowledge of Wingello trails got the race details going
  • To the expertise of Russ Baker who offered advice when we needed it and who provided all the technical expertise for timing and results
  • To Niki Fisher for our graphics
  • To Shaun Lewis, Dylan Cooper, and Ben Henderson for their help with planning
  • To our sponsors –  Giant, Jet Black, Shimano, Ride Technics, Velo Vita & TMO Sports,  Mitas Rubena Tyres, Frameskin, Forest Corporation of NSW, Enduro Magazine and Radical Lights, 
  • To Dylan Cooper from Conceptis for the website
  • To the members of SHCC and CORC MTB clubs whose manpower and equipment made this event possible
  • To the Highlands Trails for their constant work on upkeep of the Wingello trails
  • To Stu Plant for commentary during many of our events
  • To the volunteers of the Wingello Fire Brigade who manned the course as marshals
  • To Snax on Trax
  • To Richard Manning at Aquamann Irrigation who provided the water
  • And to all the other volunteers who have worked on this event over the past many months
  • Thanks also to all the supporters of James (and there are many), whose well wishes and energy for this project kept us rolling along

To all of you – the riders – who supported this event

And the last word goes to James, who inspired us all with his enthusiasm, passion, cheeky humour, commitment, grace on the bike and fun…. we are all here at this event because of him….

Ride on Willo…