2018 Results

KOM Results

Female Charlotte Culver

Male Tristan Ward

2017 Results here

Category Results

More detailed results also available here at  DURT

Amended 50KM Women Masters 3/4 results below

Willo 2017 Race Mod 50Km Masters 3_4 Women

Giant Anthem 2 Giveaway Bike – Congratulations Jason Moxham who won a new Giant Anthem 2. And big thanks to Giant Bikes for their generous support of the Willo Enduro.




2016 Results Category Results

Thanks to Jack Henderson (DURT) on Timing.

Wingello Forest

2016 Result Information

  • Lap times and overall results will be shown on TV’s in the event centre.
  • Results will be live on the ‘DURT’ wifi network, for riders with smart phones/tablets throughout the race
  • Depending on mobile coverage, results will be live at
  • Results will be available on and after the event

March 22nd 2015. Final Results

2014 Results

Click here for PDF

2013 Results

Live results from today’s magic event at Wingello, an amazing effort by SHCC and CORC, are now up.

2013 Results, Prizes and Give Away Results

Giant Anthem Bike                                                                 Mike Contre

Kids Giant Bike                                                                       Iris Balk

Radical Light specially engraved “Willo” Edition                          Alison Strinik

Scott 24HOUR Six Person Team entry No 1                               Chevalier School, Bowral.

Scott 24HOUR Six Person Team entry No 2                               Dylan George

KOM Results


1st Brendan Johnston

2nd Sid Taberlay

3rd Dylan Cooper


1st Jenny Fay

2nd Kath Bicknell

3rd Bec Parks

Trekky Johnston and Jenny Fay, winners KOM 2013

2012 Results. (Race results here see PDF)

(Open Female 50KM results for the first lap as printed above, are incorrect. Take 12 minutes off the first lap only for this category. 2nd lap times for this category are correct. PDF will be amended soon).

2012 KOM Results listed below


Lap 1

Dylan Cooper (Race No 2), Mark Tupalski (Race No 8), Brendan Johnston (Race No 5), James Downing (Race No 33), Troy Glennan (Race No 116)

Lap 2

Dylan Cooper (Race No 2), Mark Tupalski (Race No 8), Troy Glennan (Race No 116), James Downing (Race No 33),  William Bowran (Race No 15)

Lap 3

Dylan Cooper (Race No 2), Mark Tupalski (Race No 8), Troy Glennan (Race No 116) Ondrej Slezak (Race No 83) William Bowran (Race No 15)


Lap 1

Ria Johansen (Race No 210) Bethany Thompson (Race No 205), Anne Napier (Race No 252) Lana Moy (Race No 207), Anna Kricker (Race No 208)

Lap 2

Ria Johansen (Race No 210), Rosie Barnes (Race No 302), Bethany Thompson (Race No 205), Anne Napier (Race No 252), Lana Moy (Race No 207),

Lap 3

Ria Johansen (Race No 210), Lana Moy (Race No 207) Bethany Thompson (Race No 205),, Lynda Webb (Race No 326), Anne Napier (Race No 252)

2011 Results