Course Map

Course Map 2019

The Race Course

The Willo course some of the follows the “Red Trail” at Wingello. (without Padres Blessing or Nyes Creek). Categories for the Willo use the 22km loop and this is followed once, twice or three times, depending on the length of course chosen. (22, 44 or 66KM category). Riders pass through the Event Centre and by the “Feed Zone” at the end of each 22KM lap

The 13KM loop follows half the 22KM loop. Following “The Great Wall” then back along fire road, up Nyes Creek Rd into Banksia, than following Nyes Creek Rd again back to the start. This is done two times.

13KM course


All categories start at the Event Centre.

13KM riders start at the Finish Arch. They complete a “Start Lap” and then return the through Event Centre, before joining the single track, and completing another lap back to the Finish Arch

All other categories, (22, 44 & 66KM) start just beyond the marshal area. Riders do one short lap on fire road, ride back through Event Centre then proceed onto the single track to complete one two or three 25KM laps.

All riders finish through the Finish Arch. All laps are completed clockwise direction

Description of Track

The “red trail” at Wingello is graded as “intermediate”. Most of the tracks are able to be ridden by all levels of rider.